Q: What is the service charge on my food and beverage purchases? 
A: 15% for in-house dining purchases and 20% for banquets/special functions. This is not a gratuity. The club uses this revenue to cover the base wages of the wait staff.

Q: May I bring guests? 
A: Yes, but you must be with them. Guests must pay by cash or credit card.

Q:How do the food/beverage minimums work? 
A: Each member is required to spend a minimum each month on food and beverage at the clubhouse. Your minimum cycle is based on the first letter of your last name. A through L: Mid-Month Cycle (ex: March 16-April 15) L through Z: Calendar Month Cycle (ex: March 1 - March 15)

Q: How are dues billed? 
A: Most dues are billed on a monthly basis for the upcoming month. Dues for junior & dining club memberships are billed once a year.

Q: When I join Wild Quail, am I an owner? 
A: No, Wild Quail is owned and operated by "Club Wild Quail, LLC.”

Q: What input do I have in the operation of the Club? 
A: Your suggestions can be given to the Clubhouse Manager. A membership meeting is held annually in November.

Q: Are any other assessments added to my monthly bill? 
A: Yes. The following optional annual fees will appear on your bill: November: Christmas bonus for staff December: Handicapping, Locker Rental January: Men’s Golf Committee (Mandatory for all male golf members in order to compete in tournaments) Trial Fee February: Bag Storage March: Hole in One Insurance Mug Club.

Q: Can I dine or golf at other clubs? 
A: Yes, you must call the club in advance and sign the charge slip as a Wild Quail member.

Q: Is my membership transferable? 
A: Only to a surviving spouse


Wild Quail Golf and Country Club
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Phone: 302-697-4660
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