50/50 Raffle - $10 Month

Contribute to the Club by charging $10/mo, and become eligible for our monthly drawing. Half of sales go to the House; and then a first, second, & third place is drawn and divided between each winner.
Winnings are posted directly to your account prior to statements being run each month. Winners are announced in the monthly Wild Quail Newsletter, the Quail’s Tale.

Hole-in-One Insurance - $10 Month

Contribute to a pot collected by participating members. Get a hole –in-one or play the day the hole-in one is made, and have a drink at the Pub through the Insurance account.
When the pot runs out, members are charged $10 to refill.

Annual Mug Club - $100 Annually in July

With a yearly contribution, a free domestic draft is available once a day to the member.

Christmas Gratuity - $10 Annually in December

Members are billed on December 1st each year. The gratuity is divided between active Wild Quail staff as a bonus for their continuous hard work.



Wild Quail Golf and Country Club
One Clubhouse Drive
Wyoming, Delaware 19934

Phone: 302-697-4660
Fax: 302-697-4666

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